The value of leadership visits

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The season for leadership visits is well underway. A delegation from Evansville will be traveling to Cincinnati. Read more.

A delegation from Nashville will be heading to Baltimore. Read more. Next week, a delegation of leaders from Lexington, KY will be visiting Colorado Springs.

Trips like this accomplish at least three objectives:

1. They expose you to new ideas that you can “borrow” (in the Huck Finn sense of the word. No expensive consultants needed.)
2. They provide insurance against doing something stupid. (Your hosts will not hesitate to share candid views on your plans. It’s a Wisdom of the Crowd moment.)
3. They increase your effectiveness by strengthening relationships and alignments within your leadership group. (In a complex, networked world, regions with stronger relationships and alignments will be more competitive, responsive, and agile. They will learn faster and act faster.)

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