The value of quick wins

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Northern Kentucky announced a regional plan about a year ago. In the interim, civic leaders say they are continuing to build momentum with some quick wins. Read more.

This article highlights the balance that any good strategy needs to strike. First, keep strategic outcomes in front of you. These outcomes need to be continuously refined and repeated.

Equally important, focus on next steps: some quick wins that translate ideas into action.

Quick wins provide two important side benefits. They build trust, and they isolate the "nay sayers".

In economies that have slowed down, you frequently find civic entrepreneurs -- people who are anxious to try something new -- engaging in extended conversations with "soreheads", people who are eternally skeptical about anything changing. Soreheads are all too eager to block or slow down progress.

Quick wins launch a different dynamic that tends to break these unproductive cycles.

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