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Monday, July 16, 2007

Here are some articles on incentives from last week:

Luring Cabela's to Rapid City has generated some controversy about inside dealings. Cabela's land deal launches war of words

Here is some background on Wisconsin incentives for energy efficiency. Increased Incentives Will Help Businesses Save Money

In South Carolina, the state is looking at ways to put a dollar amount on the services it offers free to prospective businesses so they will calculate it as part of their incentive package.Changes coming for economic development tools

Meanwhile, South Carolina's governor is calling for a petition drive to outlaw incentives to Big Box retailers. Sanford calls for drive to repeal 'big-box' tax break and Taylor: Retailer incentives misguided

In Arizona, the governor has put limits on incentives for retail recruitment. Cities need to stop crying about overdue limits on tax incentives

The mayor in Kansas City is holding firm to his position that the city council put an incentives policy in place before approving more incentives. Pushing policy may dilute KC's pull

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