Meeting the challenge of aging workforce

Monday, July 09, 2007

EDPros in Decatur, IL are recognizing a challenge we will all be facing soon: the retirement of the Baby Boom generation. According to their estimates, "about 40 percent of the city's workforce will retire over the next seven years and employers do not know how they will replace those employees". Read more.

Recently, the U.S. Census announced that it would release reports on older workers for 31 states. Read more.

The first step is to acknowledge the challenge. The second step is to move aggressively to address it.
A recent report from the University of Indianapolis explores the challenge in Indiana. Read more. You can download two reports from this page.

In Indiana's Tippecanoe County (where Purdue is located), we have launched an older worker initiative as part of our WIRED strategy. You can learn more about this survey here and here.

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