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Monday, July 09, 2007

A generational shift is starting to take place in economic development. You can see it in the growth of economic development blogs and web sites that are imagining new futures for old places.

There's a new web site from West Virginia that illustrates my point. According to the article I came across: "“Here a diverse community of West Virginians comes together to create a West Virginia that thrives on innovation, artistic vision, connectivity, diversity, entrepreneurship, technology and growth. In short — a West Virginia for the New Economy.: Read more.

You can visit the site here. You can also visit the blog mentioned, A Better West Virginia.

My favorite old city, new blogs is I Will Shout Youngstown. Go through the blog and it will have you thinking about Youngstown in a completely new way. There's a group in Youngstown re-imagining their city. The same shift is taking place in Cleveland with groups like Meet the Bloggers: serious civic journalism.

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