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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Kansas is tightening oversight of projects that use Sales Tax and Revenue bonds, known as STAR bonds. Legislators are upset by what they see as abuses of the current system. Read more.

In an effort to save a cellophane plant, the Kansas legislature has also passed legislation top provide $1 million in incentives over three or four years. The bill sets a dangerous precedent of earmarking the income tax paid by the plant's employees. Read more.

In North Carolina, the governor's economic development adviser is defending the One North Carolina Fund. Read more.

In South Dakota, the state is adding two more business loan programs. Read more.

Here are some details on Iowa's recent deals. Read more.

Illinois is offering $6.6 million in incentives to auto suppliers. Read more.

In Michigan, the governor wants to use incentives to keep engineering graduates in the state. Read more.

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