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Friday, March 18, 2005

Small firms in Pennsylvania are not taking advantage of the R&D credit that the state has made available to them. Read more.

The governor of Missouri has announced a new incentive proposal, the Missouri Quality Jobs Act. It's modeled after legislation in Oklahoma. Read more.

Cities in California are competing for the new stem cell center. Read more.

The Arizona legislature is working on tax incentives proposed by Intel. At the same time, local governments in Oregon are working on providing property tax incentives to Intel. Read more

U.S. Senators Hagel and Dorgan have reintroduced the New Homestead Act to provide incentives for people to relocate or stay in rural communities. Read more.

The Nebraska legislature is considering tax reform legislation. Learn more.

Meanwhile, Kentucky has enacted new tax reforms. Learn more.

Pennsylvania is providing financial assistance to agriculture and tourism through its First Industries Fund, a $150 million grant and loan program. Read more.

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