New realism emerging in manufacturing

Monday, March 07, 2005

There's a new realism emerging in U.S. manufacturing. The focus is shifting from complaining about largely uncontrollable forces -- the Chinese currency, for example -- to figuring out how to innovate. You can see evidence of the trend in this article from the Bay Area in California.

As one manufacturer notes: "You have two choices. You can complain about it, or try to be three times as good as the next guy."

In the Great Lakes region, a new forum will be focusing on sharing best practices and promoting innovation. Read more.

At REI, we have been working with smaller component manufacturers. In the past, collaboration among these firms has been difficult. In Wisconsin, our colleagues at the University of Wisconsin have been working to improve OEM-supplier relationships by organizing OEMs. Learn more.

Now we are seeing that component manufacturers realize they are competing in a global marketplace. They are now willing to consider collaborations that would have been far more difficult in the past.

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