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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Scripps Saga in Florida continues, and it is an good lesson of how not to move ahead with a big project.

The governor has insisted that any site must be big...100 acres for Scripps plus the ability to draw 8 million square feet of development. That's enough space to fill eight regional shopping malls. Scripps has selected a site, but that choice has triggered environmental law suits.

According to one commentator: "An institution renowned for its research apparently did next to nothing to check out the problems at the site." (They discovered that Florida has wetlands.)

Now the county wants to find an insurance company that will cover its construction costs in the event that a court orders them to tear down the Scripps headquarters building. Read more.

The chaos surrounding Scripps comes in a large part from the way the governor rushed the process. Palm Beach responded to the pressure to build on a pre-determined site (Mecca Farms). The land grab has turned into a mess.

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