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Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Texas super fund may sound like a good idea, but there's a downside. Political control of that much money creates temptations for abuse, as well as deep skepticism among some in the press. Read more.

Governor Perdue in Georgia has signed new legislation, the Strategic Industries Tax Credit. The legislation authorizes a $500 per job tax credit bonus for each new full-time position created by existing businesses that have been headquartered in the state for three or more years. Read more.

Cincinnati's mayor is promoting his new approach to economic incentives in the city. Read more.

EDPros in Minnesota have used a money-for-jobs approach to keep jobs with Northwest Airlines. Read more.

Michigan's Economic Development Corporation has provided tax credits worth $17.4 million to Johnson Controls to keep 1,745 jobs in the state. Local governments are throwing in another $10.2 million in tax abatements. Read more.

Here's a good article from Rocky Mount, NC on the dynamics of incentives. Read more.

Express Scripts, a Fortune 500 company, has been offered millions of dollars to move to Illinois. Should Missouri respond? Read more.

EDPros in Illinois have put together a proposal for a warehouse facility, probably for Sysco. Read the details.

Louisiana governor Blanco is proposing new incentives to help her state. Read more.

An editorial in St. Petersburg makes an interesting point. Governor Bush has no problem holding schools accountable. But the same scrutiny does not apply to the state's investments in economic development. It's not chump change. An investigation by the newspaper estimates that Florida could be investing as much as $900 million this year. Read more.

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