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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Daily Press in Virginia has run a series on the state of incentives in Virginia (and the picture is not pretty):

Broken Promises
Switching Sides to the Private Sector
Battery Maker Took City, State Money
Incentives vs. Entitlements
Shifting Rules Affect Fund's Security

An editorial from Roanoke summarizes teh situation in Virginia: Troubling returns on Va. business incentives

After criticizing Boeing, Airbus plays the incentives game: Airbus parent eyes U.S. incentives

In Dayton, OH, the state is adding to the incentive pot for a California-based technology company. Read more. Learn about the company.

Here's a good article that gives you a brief historical perspective on incentives. Read more.

Kentucky is providing $2 million in tax credits for a $6 million expansion of a medical equipment company. The incentive package is designed to keep a company from moving 12 miles away into southern Indiana. Read more.

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