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Saturday, April 16, 2005

The alternative press in Texas is taking the governor to task for his operation of the Opportunity Fund. Read more.

Legislators in Wisconsin are upping the ante in the competition for jobs with Minnesota. Read more.

Danville, KY won a competition with Akron, OH for an aircraft braking plant. Utility rates probably had a big role to play. Read more. The article printed in Akron does not mention utility rates. Instead, it talks about Ohio's tax structure. Read more.

Kansas is in the middle of the cellophane competition. Innovia Films' plans to close one of its three cellophane plant, and Kansas wants to have a seat at the table when the music stops. Read more.

Editorial writers in North Carolina are still pushing for more disclosure on incentive deals. Read more.

Indiana and Kentucky are caught in a senseless bidding war over a biotech company. Read more.

Iowa legislators are continuing their efforts to revive the Iowa Values Fund. Read more.

A new report from the conservative think tank at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy presents another case against incentives. Read more.

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