An investigation into Florida incentives

Sunday, April 10, 2005

This morning's St. Petersburg TImes carries an important series of articles investigating Florida's use of incentives for economic development. The series is unusual for the depth of the reporting on individual deals.

Among the key findings:

Incentives are big business inFlorida: in 2004-05 Florida's economic development efforts could cost state government more than $900-million.

The total cost of federal, state and local incentives is hard to track because Florida does not keep a combined list of costs.

The Legislature rarely checks to see if incentives are paying off.

More than half the companies that responded to a recent survbey said they probably would have located or expanded in Florida without the incentives.

Governor Bush disputes the finding's of the newspaper's investigation.

The articles in the series include:

Risky business
An up-and-down history
Audits find oversight flaws
Governor disputes Times' findings

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