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Monday, May 09, 2005

With all the tax incentives pending before the Florida legislature the state could lose $245-million a year in potential revenue. That's on top of an estimated $800-million a year that Florida provides in tax incentives to attract new business and help current businesses grow. Read more

Montana has established Big Sky Economic Development Fund, an initiative that will use interest earnings from the Coal Severance Tax Trust Fund to invest in economic development projects. Read more.

Incentives encouraged Allegiant Air to choose McAllen airport. Read more.

Here's an article on incentives for life sciences in Indiana. Read more.

Minnesota's governor is proposing a new tax credit program. Read more.

Here's more background on the battle for California's stem cell headquarters. Read more.

Toledo is trying to keep the headquarters of Owens Illinois in one of the most foolish incentive battles of the year so far. Read more.

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