The role of downtowns

Monday, May 09, 2005

Downtowns play a critical role in the knowledge economy. But EDPros need to develop investment strategies to continuously rebuild these centers. Providence, for example, is launching a new initiative to develop a twenty year plan. Read more.

On a smaller scale in Missouri, the Main Street program plays a critical role in developing a sense of place. Read more. In Western Illinois, EDPros are working on historic designations for Monmouth. Read more. And in Florida, tourism officials are promoting small, historic downtowns across the state. Read more.

If you do not pay attention, you can start seeing signs of decay. Birmingham, AL is in the beginning stages of this cycle. The warning signs: falling tax revenues. Read more.

Detroit is in the latter stages of this cycle. Some years ago, civic leaders in Detroit made a wrongheaded decision to divide the region between the African American central core and the white suburbs. Now, Detroit has lost much of the central core economic activity that it needs to survive. Read more.

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