Pittsburgh's efforts to reinvent itself

Sunday, July 31, 2005

With the exception of Chicago, major industrial cities in the Midwest are facing serious economic challenges. Older industrial cities, like Detroit, Toledo, Youngstown, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh are all trying to find pathways to new prosperity.

Among the cities, Pittsburgh stands out as a place that is experimenting with a variety of new economic development arrangements.

In particular, civic leaders in the region have long understood the importance of research universities to their new economic development strategy. Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh are collaborating for variety of different ways. Here's a good example of what Carnegie Mellon is doing to accelerate the move toward a more knowledge-based businesses. Read more.

The state is accelerating its development by encouraging the formation of Innovation Zones around colleges and universities. Read more. (Here is an example of what is happening around the Penn State campus. Read more.)

Innovation Works is another example of a new economic development initiative designed to build these knowledge-based businesses. Read more.

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