Building interdisciplinary research

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The University of Texas Dallas is investing in a new research center that combines the hard sciences -- chemistry, physics, biology -- with engineering. It's a smart move to create the research infrastructure needed to develop new technologies. Read more.

The Universiuty of Massachusetts Lowell has a similar idea. In an effort to expand nanotechnology and biotechnology research on their campus, officials are pressing for a $60 million research center. The Chancellor of the University is an example of the new type of education leader that sees a tighter connection between university research and economic development.

The new center will encourage interdisciplinary research at the boundaries of nanotechnology and biotechnology. To reach into the marketplace, the building will include a processing lab for companies to test materials and train workers.

According to the Chancellor, "The world has gotten smaller and much more competitive. The need to innovate has become stronger." Read more.

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