El Paso's economic summit

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Civic leaders in El Paso are getting together to develop a new economic development strategy. Inthe article, the following comment by one participant caught my eye:

"I'm hoping the summit will help to create a more open and transparent environment for economic development. I am encouraged by the approach the mayor is taking to create an atmosphere for people to think, present new ideas, and have the confidence that our region can grow in a global economy."

Here is why this quote is interesting. Economic development takes place in a civic space, outside the four walls of any one organization. In the past five years, I have noted that as more people see a stake in economic development strategy, the demand for transparency goes up.

Corporations are facing the same challenge. (See, for example, Tapscott's book, The Naked Corporation.)

We are seeing more economic development consultants using project web sites, not just to keep stuff organized, but also to make the process of strategic thinking more open and available.

Read more about what is going on in El Paso.

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