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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Here's the latest news in incentives that I found:

A public opinion poll in North carolina finds support for economic development incentives. Read more.

Austin has put together a $59 million package for Samsung. Read more. But the package is about to swell with outher entities -- like the school district -- adding to the package. Meanwhile, New York State is moving ahead with its own effort to attract Samsung. Read more.

Here's a good article focused on York International and the role of incentives. it argues for increased scrutiny for tax breaks. In the case of York, the promised job gains apparently never showed up. Read more.

The problems of York are not as serious as the proiblem Wichita faces. Economic developers got left holding an empty bag; now they are looking to recover some money from a company that went belly up. Read more.

West Virginia is about to review its incentives policy. Read more.

Office Max has consolidated its headquarters outside Chicago. Illinois put together a $20 million package for the deal. Read more.

New York State is increasing its "wired building" program. Read more.

On September 1, Texas is launching its new program to provide incentives for retail development. Read more.

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