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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Here are the interesting articles on incentives that I came across last week:

Johns Manville is trying to reduce its taxes on a closed plant in Natchez. Read more.

North Carolina landed its Dole plant. Read more. The governor had acted to expedite this project. Read more. The incentive package included a tax credit of $7,000 for every employee. Read more.

West Virginia extended a $300,00 loan to an ammunition manufacturer with a shaky past. Read more.

Missouri is relying on tax credits to help revitalize downtown St. Louis. Read more.

Dekalb, Georgia is evaluating shifting its incentives to attract more knowledge-based businesses. Read more.

Delta and Southwest, airlines operating out of Salt Lake City, are seeking help from the state in tax reform. Read more.

A company in Georgia is moving across the Chattanooga River to chase incentives. Read more.

Waco, TX is promising Caterpillar $800,000 in incentives if it meets some employment targets. Read more.

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