Shifting the gears at a chamber of ccommerce

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Chambers of commerce are facing a challenge to shift their focus from product-oriented organizations to solution-based organizations. Chamber value creation has traditionally been focused on a relatively set array of standard products: networking events, seminars, a membership directory, some data. These offerings have been marketed with "inside out" strategies that focus on making businesses aware of these offerings.

As we recognize the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship to economic development, chambers confront an exciting opportunity to change their orientation to "solution-based" marketing. These strategies call for a new approach to marketing and communications. (The strategy becomes more "outside in".)

The chamber becomes a designer and enabler of open innovation networks. Database marketing and social network mapping become critical to this approach, as the chamber learns more about how networks form in their local economy and the steps they can take to facilitate these networks. Personalized marketing becomes a critical component to the chamber's new value proposition. One-to-one marketing becomes the norm.

Few chambers have made this shift, but this is the direction in which competitive chambers will be heading.

The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce in Georgia appears to be starting to make this shift. Read more.

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