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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Here are some of the articles that caught my eye last week.

US Study identifies key factors driving offshoring of corporate R&D
Study: Cost isn't main factor for offshoring R&D
US: Outsourcing Is Climbing Skills Ladder
Trying a New Tack, Fed Chief Is Brief, Clear and Also Upbeat
Made-in-India brand gets stronger
Five signs U.S. innovation is at risk
Vital Signs for the Week of Feb. 20
‘Job creation’ an elusive goal
Creating the Sci-Fi Economy
Forging a Creative Community for the New Creative Economy
U.S. Tech Firms, Citing 'Brain Drain,' Push to Hire More Skilled Foreigners
Silicon Valley’s Innovative Spirit
India, the next innovation giant?
U.S. Falling Behind in Global 'Brain Race'
Trade gap: Blame exporters?
Are We Losing Our Edge?

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