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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Here are the articles on incentives that caught my eye last week.

The Kansas City region is at war with itself: More than $15.6 million in state and local tax incentives are being offered to lure Quintiles Inc. and more than 600 jobs out of Kansas City to Overland Park. Read more.

New York, not a hotbed for auto investments, believes that it has something to offer beyond incentives. Read more.

Utah's Board of Economic Development is becoming more open about its incentive packages. Like North Carolina, the Utah board has been under pressure from the newspaper to reveal details of the incentive deals. (Despite the pressure, they are still tight lipped about Project Elvis.) Read more.

The loss of a DuPont plant expansion project is causing leaders in Memphis to review their incentives policies. At the same time, Shelby mayor wants his colleagues to think beyond incentives. "Unfortunately, compared to other jurisdictions, we are a one-trick pony when it comes to economic development incentives. In terms of economic development, we have to broaden our arsenal. "Unlike [incentives], a good, quality workforce doesn't run out in five years or 10 years." Some people are starting to figure this out. Read more.

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