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Sunday, February 19, 2006

It started to occur to me this week, that people were coming up with some memorable quotes, some serious, some funny.

"We ought to be a place where a brilliant person with a great and timely new concept can come to get a receptive person to listen, and then find ways to support ... hard work to make it happen," Christina Gabriel, new director of Innovation Economy Program at the Heinz Endowments in Pittsburgh.

"The activities that succeed over time are those that build on continuous learning and innovation." Suzanne Berger, director of the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI), and the lead author of "How We Compete." Read more.

"Regional prosperity depends on a region's capacity to support innovative firms, institutions and people." Council on Competitiveness President Deborah Wince-Smith. Read more.

"I think it's a ruse, a complete and total ruse by people who don't want to face what the real problems are. The real problem is that 30% of the people getting a college degree in China and India are getting an engineering degree. That number in the United States is 4%. The fact is, we don't value engineering, and that is how manufacturing jobs get created." General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt commenting on the outsourcing issue. Read more.

"Here's the bottom line: You can't have competitiveness without competition". Hector Ruiz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AMD, in his testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Government Reform. Ruiz was commenting on illegal contracts issued that specify branded products, such as "Intel-only products", which automatically prohibit competition. Read more.

"The ideal length of a business plan is twenty pages or less, and this includes the appendix. For every ten pages over twenty pages, you decrease the likelihood that the plan will be read, much less funded, by twenty-five percent. When it comes to business plans, less is more." Guy Kawasaki's advice on writing business plans. Read more.

"The pay you are offering would neither fulfill me nor support the lifestyle I am living." Young lawyer Dianna L. Abdala turning down her a job offer. Read more.

"I just want to go home!" A cry for help from Alderman Joe Lee Richards in Benton City, AR. Read more.

"Today's Sputnik? It's a little bigger. It's called China. The projected growth in high-technology products from there is staggering." Science policy analyst Michael Lubell of the American Physical Society. Read more.

"Per year, 70,000 would be good. But we need 290,000 science and math teachers at this time." Cal Poly President Warren Baker commenting on President Bush's goal of 70,000 new science and math teachers for the nation’s high schools. Read more.

"Whenever I read or hear that 'job creation' is a goal, my eyeballs start sweating." Scott Whipple, staff writer for the New Britain Hearld (CT). Read more.

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