Universities connecting with industry

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Under new leadership, the University of North Carolina is moving aggressively to form a new partnerships with industry. These ambitious plans, however, carry a relatively heavy price tag. Read more.

The UNC strategy reflects a broader trend that colleges and universities are moving into the center of economic development. Last week, UNC Charlotte opened a new center on bioinformatices. Read more.

Investing in university research forms one pillar of Governor Rendell's strategy in Pennsylvania. Read more.

Last week, the University of Texas at San Antonio launched a million-dollar research facility in biotechnology sciences and engineering. The hope is that this research facility will attract private investment. Read more.

Meanwhile, in New York, the University of Buffalo has created a strategic alliance with Pfizer. Read more.

Unfortunately, many state legislators still do not understand the emerging imperative to invest in higher education. So, for example, many states are leveling off or cutting back on these investments.

Indeed, many Op-Ed articles appeared last week outlining how investments in higher education matter to economic development.

Here's an example from Virginia: Other Voices: Virginia students - sink or swim.

Here's an article from Michigan: 'U' taking the lead in developing a bioeconomy.

Here's a column from California: Creative Clusters and the Urban Economy.

Here's commentary from Florida: Accelerate growth of innovation economy.

Here's a view from Vermont: Scholarship program investment in future.

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