Finding the right balance

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Building a strong economic base requires a balanced approach. Recruiting companies is not enough. Starting new companies is not enough. Building a creative place is not enough. Educating people is not enough. "Creative people" are not enough.

We need all of these components (and a few more) in dynamic balance.

The lack of balance in Massachusetts' life sciences development is becoming more apparent by the day. At least that is the perspecitve of one commentator. She notes, "Massachusetts has not made the strategic investments that California and North Carolina have in training bio-manufacturing workers." Read more.

EDPros need the skills and abilities to see their regional economies as integrated systems, not simply a string of projects.

Simple-minded "stove pipe" thinking -- "economic development" is different than "workforce development " is different than "community development" -- perpetuates our fragmented views os the world and distorts our ability to identify opportunities. (They are all around us, even in "depressed" economies.)

Opportunites lie in the connections. And it is the new job of EDPros to design and make these connections. Weave networks.

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