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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Here are the articles on incentives I came across last week.

The Supremes heard the Cuno case in oral argument on Wednesday. You can read more here, here and here. Early read: The Court is unlikely to strike down the Ohio statute. (The case concerns whether state tax incentives violate the commerce clause.)

Another controversy is brewing over local state and tax incentives for big box retailers. Gander Mountain, a competitor to Cabelas and Bass pro Shops is on a crusade. Read more.

The top EDPro in Colorado Springs says beautiful mountain views are not enough to keep companies. He needs more incentives. Read more.

States are targeting renewable fuels for incentives. Read more about developments in Colorado. Read more about developments in Arkansas.

Shaky finances for the target company did not stop Florida from providing incentives to a Canadian company. Read more. In the rush for a "green" company, did Florida officials check their common sense at the door?

Toledo has managed to keep a company downtown after it threatened to move to nearby Maumee. Read more.

Austin lands an HP data center with an incentive package. Read more.

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