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Monday, March 20, 2006

Here are the incentives articles from last week..

Indiana enacted new business tax rules. Read more.

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire signed new legislation to help semiconductor businesses. Read more.

The Georgia legislature passed a bill restricting the power of the Public Service Commission to regulate broadband. Read more.

New York is still having trouble with tracking incentives. The state auditor has been on the trail for a couple of years through examination of Empire Zones. Now the auditor has come to similar conclusions after looking at two county industrial development agencies near Buffalo. Read more.

Nevada tried to recruit firms in San Diego, with mixed results. The homeless headed for the peanuts. Besides, there's no strong evidence of an exodus from California to Nevada. Read more.

Oklahoma wants to zap Verizon for missing job targets. Read more.

Notice that nukes are back? More talk of nuclear power. And talk about incentives is not far behind. Read more.

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