Shifting to a new mindset in the Midwest

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Making the transition from an older industrial economy -- focused on hierarchical organizations and moving materials -- to the new networked economy is not easy. Here's an article from Minesota that outlines the challenges in making the shift. Read more.

A good quote: "If we are going to be successful, we have to embrace change. Change and disruption are good. We can leverage and grow from it. Yes, things are hard but with that hardship comes opportunity."

We see the same difficult transition happening in Detroit. There, Quicken Loans is considering building a headquarters downtown.

A newspaper commentator highlights the different way Quicken does business compared to lumbering auto companies: "I mean, this is a company whose credo and real-world feel is all about excitement, execution and empowering employees to fix what's broken, doesn't work or is communicated incorrectly -- and doing it NOW -- because that's what delights consumers, builds business and then the money follows."

Read more.

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