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Sunday, March 12, 2006

In a recent presentation in Manchester, New Hampshire, economic development consultant Angelos Angelou outlined the importance of private sector engagement in successful economic development. Read more.

His talk points to an important distinction that any people often miss.

There are two basic strategies and economic development. Publicly-led, privately-supported economic develop projects tend to focus on large-scale infrastructure development. These projects include convention centers, industrial parks, brownfield remediation and other "big things".

Economic development strategies also include another category of privately-led, publicly-supported strategies. These strategies are quite different.

The Northern states have generally been focused on publicly-led strategies, while the Southern states have generally followed the opposite path.

Transformative development happens when the two strategies work in tandem. Having worked both in the South and the North, my own view is that business leaders in the Southern states are more comfortable with the balancing. In the North, business leaders are generally still trying to figure this out.

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