Georgia Research Alliance as a model to follow

Monday, February 19, 2007

Georgia has a strong a consortium of universities that support Research. The Georgia Research Alliance provides a model for other states. Through this collaboration, university presidents align their resources and focus their message.

During the 1990s, key business executives, university presidents, and state government leaders forged a research partnership: The GRA.

Last week, they were making their case to the Georgia legislature. Read more. You can learn more about the GRA from its web site.

Alliances like this one are important for several reasons. First, university research is increasingly important in driving economic development. (See, for example, this report from Arizona State University.)

Second, most states face fragmented higher education systems. Schools compete against one another for scarce dollars. Through an alliance, higher education leaders can form a common, leveraged agenda to present to the legislature.

The final challenge arises from the character of the legislature itself. For too long, our states had been under investing in higher education. A critical component of our international competitiveness is threatened by indifference or, worse yet, ignorance.

For a good overview of state policies toward higher education review the web site of National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.

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