What happens with mistakes?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

At times, we face the inevitable. Our best plans don't work out.

What to do?

In some communities, civic leaders quickly shove aside their mistakes. They hide them with a hope they will soon be forgotten. (Even worse, some civic leaders refuse to acknowledge their mistakes, and they keep pumping time, energy and resources into failed experiments.)

A healthier approach involves exploring mistakes openly an trying to learn the lessons, in order to move forward. Last week, the newspaper in Johnson City, TN examined the future course for Med Tech. Note the tone of the articles: factual, not personal. There's no search for scapegoats here.

Study concludes concept of Med Tech Corridor has failed in Johnson City
Strengthen and grow’ - Report: Pulling Med Tech pieces together first objective
Report: Entrepreneurs important piece of Med Tech puzzle
'Holistic economic development strategy' recommended for Med Tech

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