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Monday, March 26, 2007

I have Rod Crider and his new blog on economic development marketing to thank for this one.

Some days ago, I pointed out that Longview, Texas seemed to bridge the historical divides in a community (between economic development and tourism) and come up with a common logo and tag line.

Not so fast.

It turns out that North Star, the Tennessee-based consultant, didn't reveal that two other communities use the same tag line. Indeed, another community had registered it.

So everything hit the fan.

First, people were happy and proud: Our Brand: Spread the word

Then, surprised: New Longview brand not exclusive to city

Then, angry: Brand mess: Let's fix it, get over it and move on to bigger things

Then, determined: City seeks answers, solution in branding flap

Then, critical: Brand new: Get the public involved in branding this time

Finally, resigned to appointing another committee: Mayor Announces Formation of Branding Committee

Meanwhile, the consulting firm went on a PR offensive of its own to repair a damaged reputation. North Star combines research, strategy

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