Building bioclusters

Monday, April 16, 2007

Here is an interesting article that provides some perspectives on the challenges of building clusters in the life sciences. Read more.

(Some years ago, Brookings issued a report on biotechnology clusters. You can download it here. It was a good analytical report, but I'm not sure it reached the right conclusions. It is true that no region can develop a bioscience cluster without a strong research base. True enough. At the same time, the biosciences are not like other industry clusters. For one, we can "forecast" an unlimited demand for improvements in human health. Unlike iPods or HD-TV or automobiles, it's hard to see how the markets for bioscience advancements will become saturated. Regions can be successful by focusing on their niche markets, and there are an exploding number of niches. Bio professionals in Pittsburgh outlined this argument. Learn more.)

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