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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Here's an unusual sight: a politician reversing himself on the need for subsidies. We'll see more of these shifts, as more people figure this out. Businesses need educated workers, not subsidies

National columnist Neal Pierce asks (and answers) an important question: Do corporate subsidies feed urban sprawl?

Tallahassee is hunting for the new Piper plant, and training plays a big role in the strategy. Piper deal may shape area's future, Here's what Piper may be looking for

Iowa is figuring out that tax credits for ethanol plants have a downside. Ethanol tax credits eat into state budget

More evidence of taxpayer opposition to retail incentives. This time from Plantation, FL. Taxpayer incentives draw support, criticism

A new report in Kansas City criticizes the city's use of incentives. Consultants fault KC tax incentives

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