Managing growth in Colorado Springs

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Colorado Springs is one of those cities struggling to manage growth. Here's an interesting article that gives you an overview of the challenges that civic leaders face. Read more.

One of the biggest challenges involves balancing the financial resources of the city with the continued demands to invest in expensive infrastructure. That's an important intersection between physical planning and economic development.

Sound physical planning can maximize a community's return from infrastructure investment. It's away to manage the overhead of a community.

In contrast, sprawl adds to the region's overhead and places inevitable upward pressures on tax rates.

(A 2003 Brookings report explores the implications of this pattern of no growth sprawl in Pennsylvania. Learn more. You can read about an update report published thisspring here.)

Managing regional growth requires crossing political boundaries and raises the inevitable question of sharing revenues from growth.

Recently, Lexington, KY explored these issues with Myron Orfield, a noted consultant in the field. You can download the reports from the Bluegrass Tomorrow web site here.

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