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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Last week, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation has released a new report on international braodband rankings.

According to the news release for the report:

The United States continues to fall behind in broadband adoption, now ranking 15th among 30 OECD nations, according to the organization’s latest rankings. However, while adoption rate is an important metric, a more comprehensive measure of broadband performance also accounts for price and speed.

In a new report, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation releases the ITIF Broadband Rankings, which benchmark broadband penetration, price and speed in OECD countries. The findings show that the United States, which ranks 12th overall, faces a multifaceted broadband challenge. The report outlines several steps policymakers should take to reach a goal of high-speed ubiquitous broadband.

You can download the ten page report here.

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