Vermont connects education and economic development

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Late last year, Vermont's Next Generation Commission release an important report on the connection of education and economic development in the Granite State.

The report touches on many of the important themes emerging in regional economies across the country: the enormous waste in the system, as too many young people either drop out of high school or graduate with weak skills and no career plans; the imperative of developing a tighter fit between educational curriculums and the demands of employers; and the need to expose all young people to career education options early.

Over the next ten years we will be facing an increasing skills shortage. Our high schools have been underperforming for a long time, and reform efforts have failed to change this dynamic. We are still saddled with a grossly inadequate approach to elementary and secondry education.

Think of it this way. Who would buy a car that started only one-third of the time? Or, read a book missing 30% of its pages? Or, watch a movie with a hour lost in the middle? Or eat at a restaurant where one third of the patrons got sick? Yet, we accept roughly these performance standards in our high schools.

You can read more abut the report here. You can download a report here.

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