Facing workforce weaknesses

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels once told an audience of civic leaders in his state: "Progress begins when denial ends."

In the years ahead, every community and region will be facing serious workforce challenges. The regions that will move ahead will have the courage to face the facts. here's an example. In Payson, AZ, the local economic development organization has produced a serious report on the skill weaknesses in the current workforce.

Barbara Ganz, the EDPro leading the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation, frames the issue in the right light:

"The study made clear the biggest challenge facing our business community is the fact it cannot recruit or maintain a qualified and stable work force. If this challenge can be met, there is a potential for an estimated $24 million in business expansion over the next three years in the area."

Read more. The local paper follows up with a thoughtful editorial.

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