Lowering high school drop out rates

Thursday, May 17, 2007

In a smart move, the Chamber of Commerce in Indianapolis is focused on lowering the high school drop out rate.

"The initiative comprises a number of strategies, but key pieces include identifying 2,000 mentors for high school students and more than $1 million in funding."

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(In addressing this issue, Indianapolis will need to come to grips with tough issues like faulty drop-out data. With a new web-based tool, you can now map the graduation rates for every district in the country: Learn more.)

On Monday, the Secretary of Education challenged inner city schools for focus on this issue: Dropout epidemic haunts inner-city schools.

For more background on high school graduation rates -- a critical economic development metric for regions -- see the Alliance for Excellent Education: Understanding High School Graduation Rates.

Also, see the Gates Foundation's recently released report, The Silent Epidemic: Perspectives of High School Dropouts

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