Teaching inner-city entrepreneurship

Monday, May 07, 2007

Building wealth in inner-city neighborhoods is a tricky business. Despite billions of dollars of federal subsidies, many efforts have failed. There are, however, promising approaches that deserve to be expanded. Providing entrepreneurship training to inner-city youth is a good example.

Pioneered by the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, this approach stresses the importance of developing skills in building businesses. You can learn more about NFTE from their web site.

Last week, the newspaper in Cleveland profiled E-City, the NFTE affiliate in that city. You can read more here. You can visit the E City web site here. If you are interested in listening to a podcast from the executive in charge of E-City, you can listen from this page.

(This story is a good, small example of the power of weblogs. E-City has largely been neglected by the main line press in Cleveland. A citizen web site, Meet the Bloggers, interviewed the founder of E-City. Within a month, the Cleveland Plain Dealer followed with its profile.)

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