Business partnerships for STEM education

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Here's a good article that provides an overview of the growing engagement by business in STEM education -- Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Read more.

Equally important, send the link to this site to your business leaders interested in STEM education.

Every region, every community, is facing the same sets of challenges: we are producing too few students engaged in STEM education. The communities that confront the challenge with civic innovations -- new partnerships that accelerate project-based learning in the STEM disciplines -- will attract the businesses in the future.

This week, I'm conducting a series of sessions with Ed Gordon, author of The 2010 Meltdown. Ed is telling our audience that his firm has been retained by European companies looking for communities committed to producing high quality workforce skills in the U.S.

He cites the example of Fargo, ND, where Microsoft recently opened a large campus. The reason: the community is committed to producing the high quality skills Microsoft is looking for.

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