Innovation in urban education

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The biggest econonicm devlopment challenge facing large urban areas is failing inner city school systems. It's hard to see how you can build a high income economy in urban areas where drop out rates are as high as 60%. Read more.

Clearly, the old models of high school, developed in an undustrial era, no longer work. How many businesses could survive with manufacturing lines that produced 50% defective parts? How many retailers could survive if 50% of the goods they received fromtheir suppliers were obsolete inventory?

Yet, that's what we are faced with in many of these urban settings. So, it's important to highlight urban education innovations that have generated a record of success. Here's an example from Detroit. Read more. Visit the web site of University Prep Academy.

Dropouts are not just an urban issue, as the folks in Mississippi are discovering. Read more.

If you are interested, you can download a Gates Foundation report on urban dropouts, The Silent Epidemic, here To read more about the dropout issue, see Time's story, The Dropout Nation.

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