Washington State's life science push

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Washington State is trying to pump up its life sciences initiatives with a new Life Sciences Development Fund Authority. Here's the back story about what is going on in the life sciences in the land of Boeing and Microsoft. Read more.

A couple of years ago, Brookings produced a report arguing, as I recall, that second and third tier regions were going to lose out in the push to the life sciences. I'm not so sure that's the case...Certainly, investments in life sciences are both heavy and risky. The opportunity costs of these investments -- where else could a region focus its investments -- presents a good argument in many cases to place some limit on our commitment to the life sciences.

But consider the markets. My guess is that the market demand for health is as close as we come to a market with limitless demand.

After buying two cars or two televisions or one I-Pod, I'm done. But my demand for products to keep my family and me healthy is not subject to the same limits.

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