Clarification on Missouri's incentives debate

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

There's always a risk of putting commentary into EDPro. Sometimes the headlinesor opinions do not align with the facts.

For this reason, I like to indicate clearly when I am including an editorial or commentary.

I did not do that in last week's Incentive Watch column, and an EDPro from Missouri brought it to my attention.

Here is what I wrote:

The governor in Missouri is also not happy with how incentives are going. He has signed legislation that kills his own Quality Jobs initiative, along with other proposals. With jobs waiting, Missouri keeps welcome mat rolled up

It turns out that the headline from the commentary is misleading.

Mike Downing from the Missouri Department of Economic Development wrote me to clarify:

The original bill, drafted by our department and supported by the Governor, was only for the increase in the cap of the Quality Jobs and Enhanced Enterprise Zone programs. Unfortunately, our legislature tacked on numerous other unrelated programs which ballooned the annual cost from the original $32 million to over $200 million. To infer that MO is keeping the welcome mat rolled up is not accurate, especially since at the time of the veto, the Governor indicated he will call a special session for the Quality Jobs and EEZ cap.

I might suggest a story written in the Wall Street Journal recently regarding clawbacks on incentives. Please note reference to our Quality Jobs program, which is performance based and doesn't require clawbacks.

Mike provided a link here, but you must be a WSJ subscriber to get full access to the article.

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