Summer academies for talent development

Monday, July 16, 2007

As the pressure on our workforce grows, more and more EDPros will start focusing on developing brainpower early. This strategy takes many EDPros into unfamiliar territory. We have traditionally left education and workforce development to someone else.

In the years ahad, though, smart regions will begin developing summer camps in three areas. The first involves teaching entrepreneurial skills. These entrpreneur academies can expose young people to the opportunities of building a business. A good example of a summer camp in this area is Purdue's Entrepreneur Academy.

Summer camps will also evolve that are tied to specific clusters. So, for example, in Utah, the Center for Integrated BioSystem is running a Biotechnology Summer Academy. Read more.

Finally, we will see summer camps tarkgeted toward disadvantaged youth. These camps will kids with new opportunities that they cannot find elsewhere. A good example: the two week workshop in videop game development for inner city kids in Pittsburgh. Read more.

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