WebWatch: Students mapping a downtown

Monday, July 09, 2007

Here's an interesting idea. Get university students engage in mapping the attractions of your downtown.

That's what's happening in Binghamton, NY. Read more. Visit their web site.

Actually, the story is more detailed.

Here's a note from the web site developer, H2 Innovations:

"H2 Innovations started as the brainchild of three graduating Seniors at Binghamton University. Having realized that environment we live in will not withstand the current utilization of our natural resources, these three friends decided to use their skills to revolutionize the transportation industry. Focusing on the local area first, they came up with various projects that would promote the knowledge, and more importantly the use, of alternative energies use. Seeing a population that was ready to accept such changes, they decided to form a company dedicated to implementing these projects on both a local and global scale."

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