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Monday, August 06, 2007

Here are someincentive articles form last week.

AirTrans is trying to touch off a bidding war by announcing that its home town of Orlando will have to come up with an incentive package to keep AirTrans' corporate headquarters. Read more.

North Carolina is trying to stimulate new renewable energy sources, but the new state statutue allows utilities go outside N.C. for cleaner energy credits. That has some critics upset. Read more.

Here are details on a deal to keep Rackspace, a fast growing Web hosting service, in San Antonio. Read more.

The Kentucky governor has announced a $2.5 billin plan for Louisville, financied through Tax Increment Financing. Read more.

New York is putting companies on notice for not reaching their job targets, commitments the companies agreed to in order to receive Empire Zone benefits. Read more.
Incentives for film-maiking are popular, and California wants to stay in the game. Several bills looking to establish incentives for filming in California are making the rounds through the state legislature. At least one commentator is cautious, however. Read more.

After the first year of implementaiton, Nebraska officals are happy with the Nebraska Advantage Act. Read more.

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