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Monday, August 06, 2007

Workforce development is emerging on every one radar. The reason is simple. Two important forces are converging. The first is the retirement of the Baby Boom generation. Millions of skilled workers will be retiring in the years ahead. There are not enough young people entering the workforce to replace them.

At the same time, companies are facing a more volatile and competitive environment. To meet this competition, companies need workers with higher skills and an ability to learn.

A high school education is no longer a tactic to the middle class. To earn more than ten dollars an hour, students need some kind of technical education beyond high school.

That's the message from a recent forum in Kilgore, TX:

"The cars we drive, planes we fly and medical devices that save our lives were last touched by students with licenses, certifications and associates degrees. Yet there is not enough collaboration between industry and public (K-12) schools to produce a viable technical work force when the baby boomers retire."

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