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Monday, September 10, 2007

Here are some articles on incentives from the last couple of weeks.

Michigan is trying out a Hire Michigan First requirement on its incentives. Not smart. This type of meddling might make good headlines, but it simply deflects from the core issues of needed innovations in education and training. Read more. (Thanks to Larry Holt for helping me fix the link.)

Here's a list of projects before the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority. Reading through the list, I keep coming back to a central thought that it makes more sense to provide incentives to people instead of companies. Read more.

Ocala, FL is trying to set rules for its incentives policy in order to provent abuses. Read more.

Toledo and Buffalo are two cities that have been going after Bass Pro Shops for a long time. Read more.

Governor Blunt in Missouri signed the economic development legislation that the legislature passed in its special session. The bill renews the Quality Jobs Program. Read more. You can learn more about the Quality Jobs program here.

Here's an update on the task force in Kansas City that has been looking at TIF policy. Read more. Read a draft of the policy here.

Here is a good article that outlines some of the emerging debate over incentives. Read more.

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